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  1. Just read your blog for the first time – “The New Sexy: Women Over 40”. I’m 42 – yup, and like you said, confident + liberated + direct + HOT = Sexy. I really like your authentic writing style. Will be following you;)

  2. Hi Alex, loved your blog on Women over 40!! so true!! it can apply for over 50 and 60!!! did you write something on Cougar Women!! would love to read if you did! have a wonderful day.

  3. Hi Alex,
    I just read your post about women over 40 (I liked that) and then your “Dating Profile…”, and for what it’s worth, I believe you pretty much summed up what I am looking for, too, (at the moment). That won’t help you, because I live too far away for you to date me. But at least you can be assured that if there is one, there will be more women looking for what you are looking for, and you will end up meeting one.

  4. Hi Alex,
    My friend post your article on FB page. Its awesome!. I will reach 40 next year but know many women in their 40s being not happy about it. Feeling old. I am entrepreneur. Fit, healthy , beautiful 😛 confident but still humble. I love my ‘wise’ age full of knowledge and experience. I do my best to motivate others. Pushing them towards changing their attitude and life if they are not happy. And your article really does help especially that is from man point of view. It is so important to us – women to have support in you guys. Sometimes your compliment is much more worthy said once that the best girl friend 1000. So Thank you for writing this article as already shared with lots of my friends and so far its my ‘ACE’ in arguments.

      1. Sure, I’ll try and make a section called Intresting links and post it there. Would be great to get my blog lilnked to yours too. Btw I found yours because you’re article is translated into dutch

      2. I’d like to know/understand more of what you’re writing first! I can already see that your English is far better than my Dutch! Btw, I love the Dutch! I was in the Netherlands, visited Amsterdam and Leiden years ago. The people there are so friendly!

      3. it is a blog about my life as a swinger together with my girlfriend. And our adventures not from an erotic perspective but more about anecdotal and relational

      4. I’m working now – did a quick google translate

        New brooms sweep clean? No, not really! I’d be lying. I’m uncomfortable. Beginning of the week I would have even said, “I’m struggling.”

        (My) -Woman (I’ll explain this later in a blogpost why I call her this way – promised) is suddenly beginning of the week with the following:

        “I think we should keep the discussion that we want to see other people.”

        I fall (almost) back. Here I am. I thought everything went well and they come with something off. Stop Stop Stop A Man !!

        We have an open relationship. With that understanding we have started. So what they do is perfect: she does not even know they want to see anyone, just that she wants to keep the discussion. So here I need to know the fine. I ask them to, where that question?

        Well said (my) -Woman, I have the impression that I myself lay restrictions. That should also be the case for you A Man? We tell each other that we need nothing but each other and I’m afraid if the sentence has once to update it can be discussed anymore. And that can not. Respect (My) -Woman!

        But you see, I am an archer. And something not just let go. What introspection rounds later I am with the following: I am afraid to lose her. (My) -Woman holding rather one on one action. See, that’s always been her comfort zone. My thing is more trios & role plays. And let her preference then again go to men she trusts. In other words, they begin to know. That’s why they have a lot more to this new site where they have a free subscription – damn those dating sites – was for. Turns out that three men found her and stimulate her intellectually, they chat with them in short she builds a kind of band. She wants to select one and start drinking it. In short, I know what’s coming …

        And here I want your advice and input. I have meanwhile called all friends. Research done on the Internet. With (my) voice -Woman. She says: I just want to trust you with a band but I like sex with others. I am loyal but not faithful in the traditional sense.

        If I agree, I know I’m doing her a huge favor. If I do not is accepted by then I go to the core of our thinking. And just because I’m afraid. And then there’s the paradox. 52% of separating the traditional married couples. separating only 2% of swingers (source).

        Exciting fantastic relationships with strong couples and especially strong ties. I’m sure (my) -Woman. Are you ready do you think? But think of this:
        • Want A Man knowing, when and how you are dating?
        • Need me with the other one? But I’m not a cuckold. How do I do that?
        • Do you not hurt to build a tire yourself when you know that most men after “scoring” often do not want to meet anymore. you who wants to be loved / desired.

      5. I don’t know how good the translation is, but I think I get the general gist, and I think it’s very courageous! I love the question of “opening up” one’s relationship and the feelings that arise. I like how you said that you would be doing a big favor for her if you said, “yes,” even though it’s not easy for you. I would not be comfortable in a cuckold role, myself. I would like to read more, but with a better translation than google can do.

      6. I’ll translate it correctly for you so you can possible use it. I’m just rushing now to finish work here. I’m going on holiday so then i’ll have more time to do it corrrectly. I have a nmber of articles in the meantime gpong from why i started the blog, going over i want to see other people. All the way to a new one.coming up on dress code at swingers parties. Byw in the meantime she knows i’m blogging so she’s also following here

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